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Welcome to the website of «The Empire-Auto»!

The company «Empire-Auto» — offers a luxurious limousine hire different models and a variety of premium cars, business class. Huge selection of limousines and vehicles suitable for a variety of events — a wedding, a wedding, a meeting of the hospital, birthday, anniversary, romantic date, prom night, transfer, business meeting.


Business, VIP — travel and meetings.

Do you want to make a good impression on the business partners or to carry out promising negotiations? Spend it in the cabin luxury cars: Bentley, Maybach, Rolls-Royce Phantom or limousines: Mercedes, BMW or Jaguar — success guaranteed!

Weddings and wedding.

What kind of wedding would you choose — a simple, classic or sophisticated — in any case need a car for the young. We offer you a limousine service and car for your wedding. In each of the selected car you will feel comfortable. Our cars will decorate any wedding entourage! Ride in a luxury limousine has become an integral element of any wedding! Give yourself a treat! And our company will share with you the joy, guaranteeing you a great service. You can impress your guests not only clothes, but also a luxury car, such as — Bentley, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Maybach. For fans of the «Old Time» we can offer genuine vintage cars 1936-1982 model year. Advise in advance to book a limousine or car, to do that you make time before the actual holiday, and will be able to select and book a limo and you will not be happy with what is left. Our organization will make your holiday magic! We offer a luxury wedding car hire.

Дополнительные услуги.

Помимо услуг: прокат автомобилей, заказ и прокат лимузинов, наша компания может предложить Вам следующие услуги:  оформление автомобилей украшениями и цветами, украшение и оформление зала ресторана цветами и шарами, изготовление букета невесты и бутоньерки жениха а также цветочных композиций для различных  торжеств, услуги фото и видеооператора; заказ салюта!  Также у нас- выпуск белых голубей и организация праздников «под ключ»!

A meeting of the hospital.

You are now the parents? Let’s first trip to the life of your child will be traveling home in a posh premium car or a limousine! And in the luxury-car will place all family members — parents, grandparents, older sisters and brothers!

Birthday, party, corporate event.

Pripodnes memorable gift for friends and loved ones! The holiday begins on the way to a nightclub or a restaurant! We offer you a huge selection of cars and limousines for hire Lincoln Navigator (with karaoke), Mercedes-Mercedes limousine (laser show), Chrysler Limousine (Starry sky and laser show), Lincoln-Lincoln Streach (color pink).

Last call, prom.

For these special events, we offer a huge selection of limousines from 6 to 11 seats, two 19 ‘plasma TV, DVD system, two audio, two air conditioners, Karaoke, Straboskopy inside, 3 bars, spot lighting and neon, color music, Lazershou, Dymmashina. Jeep Hummer Limousine white limo was N22006 dlina11 meters, five leather sofas for 14 people (max 20 people), the ceiling «starry sky», a bar with a fireplace, 8 flat TV, DVD, laser and strobe, a removable hatch. Also buses with a lot of places. Our cars will be a wonderful addition to your holiday! Your children will appreciate this stylish gift!

Meeting at the airport or train station (transfer).

Offer for travel w / train station or to the airport to rent a car Business or Premium Class. Huge selection of vans suitable for meetings of delegations. Our team managers keep track of the possible variations in flight, and our car is sure to meet you. Our drivers are at your service — guides who speak foreign languages. We will carry out all at the highest level and just in time!

Walking in a limousine through the city!

Enjoy spectacular views of the night in a luxury car Dnepropetrovsk! Dark glasses and bar in each limo SUV limousine, will give a festive atmosphere! You will remember this trip for a long time! And the best transport to travel to the club than a limousine, it is not possible to come up with! We’ll take you to a night club, a disco, a movie theater, a restaurant, and if necessary, we can wait and take him home. Your loved one will not remain indifferent to such a surprise, as the night romantic date in a limo!

Excursions and trips around Ukraine.

In comfortable, convenient, busloads of VIP class, with television equipment, air-conditioning, you do not even have time to notice how the sweep time on the road! And our drivers, besides cultural communication with customers, and they are even excellent knowledge of the roads!

Are pleased to invite you to use our services.

Мы поможем Вам добиться успеха в бизнесе, приятно отдохнуть в дороге и удачно отметить торжество!

The Empire — Autothis is not a simple car service, and something much more. It is a possibility, but even so to say «door» in the world of luxury, well-being and sparkling diamonds. And you know, sometimes you want to look at the city from the window of a dear handsome. Our company provides rental car representative, business and economy classes, buses, the driver, the models chosen and the number of seats. Previously, choosing a car catalog, at any time of the day, it will be waiting for you at your location. Taking advantage of this opportunity, you can organize a chic wedding procession, with extended time can be absolutely any time. You can also rent a car for their friends, such a gift — a trip to a luxury car, will in some cases the usual pleasant meal. And as you look at it in order to rent a car for the prom of your favorite child? This gift will certainly remain for long in his memory! You can turn an ordinary meeting on a unique walk through the evening Dnepropetrovsk, visiting all the most beautiful places of the city. One of the important methods of a large company — meeting foreign delegations at the station or at the airport. As you know, that first impression is crucial. We have been exposed to these things, as pravelo for such events rented vans, sedans or vans (depending on number of people). We want to see that it does not save on costs. In addition, you can order a car with a driver in Dnepropetrovsk, knowledgeable of the city and has enough experience in these kinds of situations. Rent a wedding car — an important point of this celebration. Not just a beautiful restaurant and luxury cars with a color design to decorate it. Yet it is not so, and frequent event. We will help you to surprise your darling and make a comfortable delivering the bride and groom to the registrar. From this you will get at least an unforgettable pleasure. White limousine rented under a traditional wedding color, of course, bring you these feelings. Sparkling white limousine — which can be chic? A great option would be a tuple of a business class machine, but that’s up to you if you really want to remember this event for the ages.
Car hire in Dnepropetrovsk in our rental company — is the first quality and reliability, from the economy and ending the elite business class.

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